14 April 2017

Micellar Water – the perfect cosmetic?

Do you know what properties have Micellar Water? Do you know how it differs from cosmetic lotions or tonic? Learn its properties and check whether it is cosmetic for you!

How does Micellar Water work?

Name of the cosmetic comes from contained in it micelles. These are tiny beads, which attract and absorb excess sebum (fat) from the skin and at the same time dissolve the remaining contaminants in aqueous solution. Additionally micellar water features active substances that enhance their effects. And so, provitamin B5 soothes the skin and helps its regeneration. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and softens the skin. Depending on the manufacturer, micellar water often contain extracts of various plants, which add vitality. Thanks to this Micellar Water combines the effect of other facial cosmetics and can replace them.

Face cleansing

Micellar water, lotion or foam washes have one common goal: to clean the face of any contamination (dirt, dust). However, in contrast to cream, fluid does not leave an oily film on the skin, which must be washed by tonic. In addition, good quality fluid is a better product than foam or gel to wash your face, because it does not contain detergents that can irritate the skin.

Make-up removal

Both milk and fluid can be used for removing makeup, leaving skin moisturized. However, only fluid will cope well with washing away of waterproof cosmetics.

Proper skin pH

To neutralize pH of the skin and restore its proper reaction we can use both micellar water and tonic. However, it is worth remembering that the tonic is typically a solution of water and alcohol to be used only in the last stage of skin care. Water has stronger cleansing effect and, in contrast to milk, does not require toning.

For all skin types

Micellar Water must be chosen according to your skin type, because it contains ingredients that activate differently and have different effects on every complexion. By appropriate adjustment of the water you ensure the best results!


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