14 April 2017

Mistakes in facial skin care part 1

You probably think that this is not the article for you. After all, every grandmother knows how to take care of her face. Well, if you do not find here new knowledge you can be regarded as an expert! See what crimes against our skin we usually commit.  Not all cosmetics are for you. No matter how hard a friend tried to convince you that her cream is the best product under the sun – do not let yourself be persuaded! Check your skin type and choose appropriate cosmetics. Fashion is fun, but on the catwalk and in your closet. Your skin has to get what is best for it at all times. Period. Cosmetics not only for your face. When reading on the package: “face cream”, it’s easy to forget about your neck and cleavage. And in these areas the skin is extremely thin, sensitive and prone to aging – like facial skin. When toning, creaming and nourishing face, remember about the areas under the chin in order to retain more youthful appearance. Delicacy is recommended. Face must be creamed in such a manner that you barely feel your touch. Really. Years of creaming face in fast, violent, careless manner, causing tugging and stretching – result in irritations and wrinkles. You can avoid this if you gently and patiently tap the cosmetic.


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