Regenerating hand cream

With Argan oil and Shea butter

Volume 100 ml

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Goat’s Milk+ Regenerating Cream intensively moisturizes the skin of the hands and helps the damaged hands to regain their smoothness, delicacy and elasticity. The cream quickly absorbs and leaves no oily layer. It soothes and soothes tired and sensitive hands. Restores neutral pH of the skin. The extract of goat milk is known since ancient times and appreciated because of its cosmetic properties. Triglycerides contained in it help maintain proper skin pH. Casein is very easily absorbed through the skin and ensures its hydration. Goat milk proteins stimulate the production of collagen providing skin firmness and elasticity. In addition, goat milk alleviates irritations.

– Argan oil

– Shea butter

Vital Pharma + series is designed for dry, sensitive and dull skin. Cosmetics of this series have carefully selected ingredients and are specially formulated to care for the skin requiring special care. They intensively hydrate, relieve dry skin and protect it from harmful external factors.

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– Melissa pharmacy

intensively hydrate

relieve dry skin

protect skin from harmful external factors

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