Regenerating night face cream


Volume 50 ml

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Regenerating night face cream has been specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. Deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin giving it a fresh and healthy look. Perfectly suited for make-up with a matte finish. The cream is enriched with Abyssinian and Argan oil, penetrates deeply into the epidermis, nourishes it and protects against the effects of external factors. After use, it leaves the skin smooth and soft. The product is dermatologically tested and has a skin neutral pH.

– Argan oil – called “liquid gold of Morocco” has anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties.

– Abyssinian Oil – It is obtained from the seed of a plant originating from Africa Crambe Abyssinica. Abyssinian Oil contains extremely high erucic acid (long chain fatty acid), the presence of this acid determines the beneficial effect of this oil on the skin. Rich in omega-6, omega-9, Tocopherols and phytosterols, Abyssinian Oil restores skin natural glow.

Vital Pharma + series is designed for dry, sensitive and dull skin. Cosmetics of this series have carefully selected ingredients and are specially formulated to care for the skin requiring special care. They intensively hydrate, relieve dry skin and protect it from harmful external factors.

The product can be ordered by direct sale at or in many commercial networks:

– Melissa pharmacy

intensively hydrate

relieve dry skin

protect skin from harmful external factors


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